Software for management of classroom and learning materials through which teachers can manage interactive whiteboard and classroom content and have ability to create learning content and to share it with other teachers. It is a software solution that apart from just monitoring students' activities on computers, enables teachers to engage students and to track their progress using the smart, digital applications for learning. Teachers can create interactive lesson plans, run a quiz or survey, use the functionalities of auto-evaluation and monitoring of students' results in order to get reports about the success of each individual student.

  • Computer equipment for teaching (tablets, notebook, standard computers, thin clients)
  • Video-projection equipment (projectors, smart boards)
  • Videoconferencing equipment
  • Infrastructure - wired and wireless network
  • Mobile device management software
  • Learning materials and education

System provides:

1. To teachers:

  • Supervision of students' activities and progress
  • Creation of interactive teaching plans with shared content
  • Creation of quizzes, tests or surveys in real-time and simultaneous access to students' grades
  • Efficient administration
2. To students:
  • Creativity, collaboration and use of critical thinking skills
  • Easy access to learning materials, quizzes and presentations
  • Contact with teacher without disturbing other students in the class
3. To IT admins:
  • Remote access for monitoring and login to classroom computers
  • Installation and management of security policies
  • Easy support for teachers