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Managed Services

Information Technology undeniably has become a critical component of all business operations. Your business success depends on your IT infrastructure. Our Managed IT support services provide you the unlimited proactive support that keeps your network running efficiently and effectively, which ultimately help you reach your business goals.

IT Consulting

Skaitec IT Network Solutions offers a complete range of Information Technology (IT) Consulting. We become a single point of contact for all your IT needs, including Consulting, Assessing, Designing, Developing, Implementing, Maintaining and Supporting your IT infrastructure. Our solutions are customized to meet your current business needs and flexible enough to expand as your business grows.

Cloud Based Hosted VoIP

Cut the old phone system cord and get a more powerful and flexible phone service for less. Cloud Hosted VoIP is the ultimate solution for companies with an outside salesforce, multiple locations, remote workers or work from home employees. Allow your business the ability to adapt to the changing needs of your organization.

Cloud Based Backups

Hard drives aren’t forever. That’s why backing up your corporate data is critical. To ensure your intellectual property is safe, no better way exists than to utilize our offsite cloud services. With our state-of-the-art encryption, your data is always secure while in transit as well as when stored in our data center. Cloud based backup is an integral part of the business continuity strategy to safeguard against a catastrophic failures. There’s an easy way to secure your irreplaceable data with our cloud based backup services.

Cloud Hosted Antivirus Security

Traditional Antivirus solutions installed on corporate servers require ongoing upgrades to the software to benefit from the latest features. With our cloud based antivirus solution, the client workstations are automatically upgraded to the latest version by our cloud based servers. Our cloud hosted antivirus solution is more cost effective and centrally web managed, offering a single pane of glass for monitoring threats. In addition, our managed antivirus solution is extremely effective and lightweight on the client workstations. The goal of Skaitec IT Network Solutions is to provide you the best antivirus security for your computers while dramatically reducing your total cost of ownership.

Cloud Based Hosted Systems

Skaitec IT Network Solutions Hosted Application Solutions offer an alternative to building, maintaining and supporting your own client/server network environment. With a highspeed Internet access, you have the ability to work with your applications from anywhere. By selecting us as your partner, you enjoy the convenience of a single point of accountability to ensure that your applications are always available. With IT Network Solutions you have acquired the skills and capabilities that will deliver your applications each and every time, enabling you to focus on your core competencies to stay ahead of your competition and satisfy your customers.