Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems is a key to security. In order to ensure that your facility is secure the first and foremost thing is to ensure control to access. SkaiTec IT solutions are your partner in ensuring that unauthorized access is not granted to the secure locations, thereby making certain to protect you from damage. The access control solution is for everyone but becomes even more important for business’ and governments organizations.

SkaiTec IT solutions is working hard to bring best in class technology to its clients. We can provide for your need to deliver sophisticated security solutions- from the simplest to the most challenging. We have trained technical team having the capability to suggest exactly which Access Control will be suitable for your organizational security.

The Access Control solutions range from standalone systems to entrance control and organization wide software based control systems. We are also providing Biometric and RFID based door controllers as well as elevator control systems. When it comes to physical security and information security, Access Control is a must and can allow you to selectively restrict access to a place or resource.

Access Control System from SkaiTec IT solutions provides you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated solutions in a wide range of applications. We are already working across the region with the entire range of Access Control products. We can also offer bio metric and RFID based time and attendance solutions. It can cater from 5 – 50000 employees. It is supported with a web based software with the capability of calculating attendance, leave, overtime, shifts and also offers employee self service. Access control systems help companies by giving security and limiting access as per the requirement. The Bio metric access control solutions helps by securing the access to the next level when compared to the cards because the fingerprints cannot be used by anyone other than the authorized person.

The access control system supporting software helps the Human Resources department to monitor tardiness. The access control system also has several other features which help companies automating process like leave applications, overtime calculations, sick leave applications. Earlier companies used to have departments calculating such activities and still never used to be perfect. However the access control systems solutions technology brings in efficiency,security, decreases costs and upgrade the company standards The services offered by Access control solutions are definitely worth the cost you will be paying.